Job: Graphic designer
Description: Sportwear
Location: Marseille, France
Year: 2017 and 2018 – 1 month period


Poli is a sportswear company specializing in cycling and triathlon since 1979. In September 2015, they launched a new strategy & brand identity with a baseline that shows their vision: “Design for performance”.

What problem did I solve?

The company trusted me to work on their catalogue.
Beside the classic execution of the project, I wanted to have a better understanding of the users and their needs. So I interviewed a few employees and realised that the main users were not the clients but the salespersons. Indeed they use the catalogue on a daily base to show their products to sports clubs.

So, I tried to consider their needs and create a professional and functional catalogue.

How did I solve it?

One of the common feedback from the salespersons was the waste of time finding an item on the catalogue. I solved this in two steps:
I added a glossary which benefits everybody.
– I have put the cover images for each sport category on the catalogue bleed. This creates a secret visual reference as they flip through the book.

What was the impact?

The company liked the coherence, usability and aesthetics of the catalogue. They trusted me to work on the catalogue for two years in a row. Each catalogue were printed in 3000 copies.