Job: Author
Activity: Writing, research,
Location: France
Year: Since 2016


Opoïesis comes from autopoïesis which means “Self-creation”. It’s the ability of a system to produce itself, permanently and in interaction with their environment by containing all they need to maintain their own essential structure, processes and identity.

At Opoïesis we want to spread our vision through client’s projects. We are in interaction with our society but we will keep our essential identity and not let short trends influence our
work if we don’t think they are good enough for our long near common future.

What problem did I solve?

Opoïesis is the result of a long research I made about the state of design for my Master thesis. It’s a strategic consulting agency with its own business plan and strategy that has a unique goal: to be part of the change for a better common future.
On our actual money-driven world where short-term vision brings easy growth, how can we create a sustainable change for a better common future?

How did I solve it?

Using appealing trends for companies, like “immortal brands” (long term strategy), we can implement, facilitate and teach our sustainable vision to our clients. In a long-term strategy, environment and social become the norm and therefore don’t need to be argued any more.
The strategy was to develop a unique systemic method and build a large network of experts. The way to arrive to this stage was to develop an European contest to find the “century-old companies” and understand how they survived to develop a model. The contest would have helped to create a network and build upon it.
The agency would have been able to develop a compelling framework to strategise well thought-out blueprints of long term opportunities for a better common future.

What was the impact?

As a thesis project, the project stayed an hypothesis. But the most important, it built my vision and character about what design and designers should become. As well as a strong motivation to create environmental and social projects. After my degree, I moved to Lesvos, Greece, to work with NGOs for more than two years.

I also created a blog called Opoiesis to continue sharing insights. Students continue to write me, motivated to read about designers trying to find alternative carrier paths.

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