New European Bauhaus

Description: To connect with the New European Bauhaus Community and participate in the development of the NEB Initiative.
Company: European Commission
Job title: Design strategist
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Year: 2021-2022


The New European Bauhaus is an initiative from the European Commission to connect with the EU citizens in a period of post-pandemic and push values of Beautiful, Sustainable, Together.

I first joined the team for a five-month traineeship, then I continued working as an interimaire until the end of December 2023.

To explain this project further, you can watch this presentation I made during the Climate Care Academy.

My role was to act as a community manager & facilitator towards the NEB Community. Every other week, we had to onboard new Partners and run co-creative workshops with the Community to decide on the trajectory of the Initiative. My role was to make sure that there was a good understanding between the Unit and the Community.

As one of the few designers in the team, I shared my values and methods to influence on the trajectory of the initiative. Notably on the idea of keeping a bottom-up strategy.

The extra mile

During the New European Bauhaus Festival, I suggested creating an artwork that would represent some of the NEB values: participation, co-creation, inclusion, beautiful, diversity. The goal was to collect words from the public and draw them into this artwork.